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What better way to spend Whitsunday than to visit one of the coolest outdoor festivals, Amsterdam Open Air? I was invited and couldn’t resist to bring my camera with me. So in between the drinking, the dancing and the sunbathing I took a few pictures of the well dressed Open Air festival crowd. Some people were more creative than others (I´ve never seen so many denim shorts and lace tops in my life!), but I tried to capture the most original fashion items, accessories and outfit details.

What do you think?

Pictures: all made by me (pictures can never be copied without permission)

TESSTED: Nikon S6300
In between the mix of outfit pictures I added several overview shots of the festival area, which I took with a smaller Nikon camera (Coolpix S6300). I didn´t use it for the outfit pictures, since they would end up less bright, but it was perfect to capture the overall atmosphere.

+ good overview pictures
+ nice & small camera (easily fits in your bag)
+ great zoom options
– images are not super clear
– you can not leave the camera on (it turns itself off automatically). Yet if you’re shooting people in the streets you need to be able to act quickly.
– you can not play with your diafragma, which is a problem if you want your background to be blurry like I do.

If you´re just going to take pictures of yourself and your friends with it, this camera is just fine. Yet if you want to create a professional photo report a bigger camera is probably better.

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