25-05-2012 - admin

Out of the (jewelry) box

Confession: I collect just about any kind of accessory. I own tons of belts, countless necklaces and innumerable bracelets. Plus I have quite a collection of pins and rings, which I decided to share with you. I love eye-catching jewelry and try to find unique pieces everywhere I go. I bought some cool cameo items on a market in Bologna, I shopped a few colored pins in the Medina of Marrakesh, I found a stunning ring in a boutique in Stockholm and I scored several vintage brooches online (there’s some H&M and Topshop in there as well). Altogether these pieces form a varied, precious collection of accessories. Of course I wear some of them more than others, yet I carefully keep them all in one and the same jewelry box.

Where do you buy your accessories? Any unique shops or markets you’d like to share?

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